Multi Sensor Link

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This clever gadget enables you to control your satellite box from each television it is connected to in your home.

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Product Description

Planet of Accessories – Sensor Eye will allow you to control your digital satellite box whilst viewing in other rooms around the home. It is compatible with UK digital satellite receivers with an output marked “RF-OUT 2” that is capable of providing 9V DC. This device does not allow you to watch different channels on televisions connected to the same box.

You can have multiple Sensor Eyes plugged in around the home.

If you are unsure please contact our Customer Service for more information.


  1. To allow you to watch satellite in another room you will need to connect the second TV to the digital satellite receiver. Route the coaxial cable from the satellite receiver to the second TV.
  2. Fit a female coaxial socket to the satellite end of the cable and a made coaxial plug to the TV. We sell coaxial cables in the “Sound & Vision” section of our website.
  3. If at this point the red power-on indicator lights up, continue. If it does not check your RF-OUT2 Setup.
  4. ‪At the TV end, unplug the TV from the mains plug the POA-Sensor Eye into the aerial socket of the TV and your co-axial cable into your POA-Sensor Eye.
  5. At the satellite end, remove the mains connection plug your co-axial cable into the satellite plug marked ‘RF OUT-2’ (you may need a coupler if your cable has a male co-axial plug at this end).
  6. Re-connect the mains on the satellite receiver and TV.

For users who have their second TV(s) connected through distribution systems, amplifiers, splitters or isolated outlet plates: If you have a distribution system in place or other amplifiers or splitters, you will need a bypass kit to allow the remote signals to back pass to the receiver. Follow the instruction for the bypass kit or see your dealer for advice.
If you have isolated outlet plates, these will have to be changed for non-isolated plates. Once this is done you should follow the instruction from Step 3.