About us

Planet of Accessories


Who Are We?


Planet of Accessories is an internet based retail sales company via mail order.


We are one of the fastest growing unique companies over the last few years, expected to be one of the most successful in our field over the decade. We are continuing years of strong performance and astronomical growth.


We connect with our customers and their individual needs and what best benefits them.

We have boundless ability to sustain and keep up with high demands.

The power of internet shopping is the best invention ever!  With the simple click of a button, your purchase is at your door!


What We Do


We provide excellent well-made wide choice of essential products to support devices including tablets and smartphones, CE Approved and safe to use. All our EVA products are made from high quality, closed-cell (non-absorbing) EVA foam, which is 100% non-toxic.

Our customers will experience great satisfaction using our handpicked range of merchandise.


At Planet of Accessories, our customers are our priority and their satisfaction is crucial.

Our aim is to support our consumer’s day to day ease of today’s non-stop hectic fast paced lives and benefit their needs.

We are a trusted retailer and deliver across the UK, Ireland, Europe and almost every country on the globe!

Our customers deserve and expect the absolute finest high quality products from us.

Considering our responsibilities to satisfy, we deliver outstanding service, we work extremely hard to achieve great consumer fulfilment.

We want for our customers, affordable yet immensely outstanding quality items which will make daily living more comfortable.

We offer the most convenient, fast and flexible way to purchasing great value items at minimum cost.