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12 Piece Accessories Bundle for iPhone


12 Piece Accessories Bundle for iPhone

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The 12 piece bundle accessory for iPhone includes all of the accessories that a tech savvy iPhone user desires. The bundle of accessories not only customizes the iPhone, but also protects it. The offer provides an option to a choose kit suitable for: iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s/SE, 6/6s or 6+/6s+

This kit includes:

1All in One Selfie1
2Running holster armband1
3Back Cover Transparent case1
4USB Data Sync Charging Cable1
5Stylus Pen1
6Sticky Dashboard Mat2
7Screen Protectors5
Total Items12


All In One Selfie StickPlug & Play – Take picture without asking for help.
Running Holster ArmbandA great accessory for the joggers and fitness freaks. Keeps the phone strapped to the arm with its firm grip. Easy to wear and remove.
Back Cover Transparent CaseProtects the iPhone from scratches, dust, scuffs, etc. Easy to cover. Charging cable and headset cable can be easily is plugged in. Provides a perfect fit and a smooth finish.
USB Data Sync CableConnects the iPhone to a laptop or any other USB device. Can be used with the mini car charger for charging. USB 2.0 cable
Stylus PenProvides smooth navigation with a sensitive rubber stylus tip. Protects the screen from fingerprints and scratches.
Sticky Dashboard Mat stuck on any smooth or uneven surface inside your car. You can stick all of the things in your pocket (keys, cards, money, phone etc.)
Screen ProtectorsProtects the screen from dust, scratches and strains. Easy to apply and remove with no bubbles! A great quality product.