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Package contains:

1 x USB Data/Charging Cable (either 1M, 2M or 3M Micro USB Cable)

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This USB Charging Cable is durable and has a high resistance. It has a copper core for excellent Charging and erosion protection. It can charge your devices at high speed and does not overheat. This cable is designed to be used with any PC/Laptop or plugged into a CE Approved 5V 1A output mains adaptor for phones, or 10V 2.1A output mains adaptor for tablets preferably.

Micro USB Charging Cable is compatible with: Samsung, Nokia, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft, Sony Phone or Tablets and any other Micro USB Port Devices.

The Micro USB Charging Cable is available in white and has a length of 3 Meter.

Safety Note:

  • Remove cable from your device immeditly once charge is complated.
  • DO NOT OVER CHARGE. Ensure battery is full before removing cable to prevent the risk of draining battery.

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