Multicolour Party Light

$14.99 $7.50

Need to add more excitement to your festivities?

Light up any room with this rotating, multicolour party light.

Package includes:

1 x Party Light

1 x USB Charging Cable

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This Planet Of Toys Party Light in Multi-colours is a perfect alternate to glow stick and wired kind of toys. It is a LED light toy that uses the great LED technology, making it a perfect choice for children. Planet Of Toys offers it in a budget price and consumes very low energy.  Lights emitted from this toy are vibrant in color and ranges in electromagnetic energy spectrum which stimulates with its soothing effect and is comfortable to human eyes.

It has a transparent hemisphere that automatically rotates when in play mode. All buttons on the toy are LED buttons so child can operate easily in darkness, too. It is designed for handy use keeping in view that child will be operating it and has lot of combinations when it comes to lighting up in different colors.

It will definitely become your children’s one of favorite toys as they get happy by picking it up again and again. They feel like celebrating with lights everyday just as they do it on Christmas or other such occasions of lighting. For children it is not less than any miracle as it removes the darkness around them in such a playful and handy way.

This toy is very popular and is premium smart toy used in birthday parties, raves and many such occasions.  Till your children are awake, they can enjoy with this toy and all the way smiling. If it is first experience for your child, they will for sure cherish it for longer duration of time.

The Planet Of Toys Party Light in Multicolours throws good patterns of light and beautiful designs to follow. It is a wireless toy and also can be connected to your PC or USB phone charger with the USB cable which included in the box; you may not need to carry the wires everywhere you move if you only use it with battery.

A lot of heart goes in the technology of this toy and it works with great performance and is versatile and environment friendly. The toy is very light in weight and requires no maintenance. It is durable so you expect a longer product life.

The toy can use 3 x AA Batteries (not included) or USB Power Supply (included) and Power supply (not included)

The Planet Of Toys have a quick response time and enquiry handling facility, so you can have a wonderful experience or more precisely it will sure leave you amazed when you first see it after purchasing this toy.

Please read the instruction on the box before using. Do not use battery and usb charger at same time.

Press the “START’ button, and the transparent hemisphere will rotate automatically; 

Press the “LED” button, and then choose the

Displayed color:
Press once – red light
Press again – power off
Press for three times – green light
Press for four times -power off
Press for five times – blue light
Press for six times -power off
Press for seven times – red and blue lights Press for eight times -power off
Press for nine times – green and blue lights Press for ten times -power off
Press for eleven times – red and blue lights Press for twelve times -power off
Press for thirteen times – lights with three colors are switched on completely
Press for fourteen times -power off
Press for fifteen times – lights with three colors change automatically
Press for sixteen times -power off