World Travel Adaptor

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Do you travel a lot and need a universal travel adaptor?

Package contains:

1 x world travel adaptor

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The World Travel Adapter is compatible with four international socket types, making it suitable for use in Europe, China, USA, UK, Spain, Japan and Australia. This all in one power adaptor is a must have in every international travel kit. The adaptor protects your electronic devices from spikes and surges.


The simple and compact adaptor is 100% safe and secure. It has a surge protector and safety shutter making it safe for use around children. It has a LED power indicator light. The adaptor works easily with earthed and unearthed plugs.


The all-in-one adaptor design meets international standards and supports all kinds of electrical appliances across continents. It has dimensions of 60 x 55 x 40mm and weights approx. 119g.  Requires a power supply of 125-240 volts and a current of 13 A.


The adaptor has different kinds of plugs to match the sockets of different countries:

  • The 3 leg square plug can be used in countries like UAE, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore and Malaysia
  • 2 leg square plug is best suited for Canada, USA, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Macau, Philippines and Taiwan.
  • For countries like Europe and Thailand, 2 round plugs are provided.